From the President...







Dear Princetonian:


The Princeton Club of Philadelphia (“PCOP”), through the support of its members and involvement of all Princetonians in the region, has made the Club one of the most recognized and awarded Princeton alumni associations in the country.

The mission of the Princeton Club of Philadelphia (PCOP) is to encourage connections between alumni, students, and parents with each other, with the University, and with the greater Philadelphia community. PCOP sponsors and provides dues-supported funding for a variety of efforts in service of our mission, including but not limited to the Alumni Schools Committee Blitz Interview Days and receptions for newly admitted and matriculating students, the Princeton Women Network (PWN) events, the PICS (Princeton in Community Service) Internship Program,  and the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. We also provide administrative support for Young Alumni, cross-Ivy, and Affiliated Group activities.

To continue offering these types of events we need your support! Your tax-deductible PCOP dues have a direct impact on how many activities we can offer and the types of activities we can make available to all of you. Please demonstrate your support for the Princeton Club of Philadelphia by renewing your membership or joining the Club at the highest dues level possible. Whether or not you can participate in our many events, your dues contribution will have a significant impact. Please do your part to help promote Princeton in the Nation's Service and in the Service of Humanity here in our greater Philadelphia community.

Thank you very much!



Arati Katherine Johnston '84 P15 P20 

President, Princeton Club of Philadelphia