Frequently Asked Questions...


Is there a difference between "just registering" (on the website) and becoming a Princeton Club of Philadelphia member?

For a website registration only (which is free), you get our email newsletters announcing our events.  To register for the website, Click on the "New user, registration in FREE" link (Home page). 

With a Club membership you pay membership dues, and get event benefits with access to MEMBERS-only events.  You'll have our newsletter by email with special offers for members only.  See membership benefits page for more on memberships.

Memberships need to be renewed annually.

You start by creating your SIGN IN/LOG IN account (see above), and then... 

Find the membership button beneath the campus pictures at our home page. Just choose the membership level you find appropriate -- after you create your own SIGN-IN account for this.  The SIGN-IN/LOG-IN Account works like all membership accounts: It allows you to handle "transactions" (or payments for events and more).


When do memberships expire?
Your membership lasts for a year.  As you log in as a member, the expiration date of your membership shows on the homepage. 


Forgot your User ID or password?
A USER ID is the email address which you use to register for the PCW site. If you can't remember your password, click on the " Forgot your pasword" link (at the SIGN-IN page) and we will send it to the email address you used to register for this website. 

Your USER ID (email) and PASSWORD are your "twin keys" to using the site.


Managing "My Account" info: Once you SIGN IN/Log in, you can access the  "My Account" link (top Right of home page). There you can change the details on your email, your password, and much elsenformation. 


Website Help? Contact the webmaster at


Memberships - Are they tax deductible?   
Yes. The PCOP is a 501(c)3 corporation incorporated in Phildelphia, PA.