If you have trouble with your online purchases - either membership or event registration - through The Princeton Club of Philadelphia, you may need to try a different browser or update the one you're using.


Our website host recently made a security update to their system. This update was designed to make our website more secure, particularly the checkout page.  


Unfortunately, the new security settings are not compatible with many older versions of Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome. A notice about this has been added to the page where users begin to purchase their tickets/memberships. However, you may still have questions.  


We have learned that users who report issues when attempting to complete their purchases are likely using an outdated browser. You can use this link to help them determine which browser you are using, if you don't already know:   


We suggest the following solutions: 

Try purchasing the ticket (membership or event admission) using a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox if available, preferably (as in the case of Chrome, Safari or Explorer) a current version 

Try upgrading to the most recent version of the your current browser. 

Here are the links to update each of these browsers: 






Internet Explorer: 



Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance troubleshooting. It is estimated that this upgrade will affect 5-10% of our members and other purchasers.