Princeton Internship in Civic Service & Princeton Club of Philadelphia Brunch

Princeton Students Share Summer Experiences

PHILADELPHIA,PA October 12, 2014:  On Sunday, October 12, several Princeton students who spent the past summer in Philadelphia  as part of the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) program  shared their experiences with the Princeton Club of Philadelphia  at Naval Square.

“I know these students were highly valued by alumni and others at the organizations that hosted them”, says Evan Fieldston ’98, who was an alumni partner and supervisor for Princeton interns this summer at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“It was interesting to hear from all the students about the work they did and how it connects back to their lives on campus and plans after graduation,” he adds.

Also in attendance were fellow PICS alumni partners Turk Thacher ’62, who as Executive Director of Baker Industries hosted an intern there, in addition to serving on the PICS Board, and Walt Schanbacher ’73.

PICS serves as one of the opportunities for community service and civic engagement for the Princeton Club of Philadelphia, drawing Club President Jill Steinberg ’85 and Club Community Service Chair Colleen Middleton to enjoy the conversations being had among undergraduate interns and local alumni.

In all, Philadelphia was the summer home for 4 PICS interns this past summer, as well as a recent graduate and current medical school student: Lawrence Chang ’14, Emma Tucher ’16, Audrey Meng ’16, Madeline Goertal ’17, and Angelie Fields ’15.

Students reflected on their summers during the event and in written summaries of their experiences.

"As a pre-medical student, we often only think to look on the medical care side of being a doctor. However, working with the Patient & Family Experience Department this summer, I have been introduced to a whole other side of what it takes to be a doctor and what it means to care for the entire patient and not just treating the condition," stated Audrey Meng '16

Anjalie Field '15 noted, "One of the elements I liked best about this internship was that I really did feel I was making a difference. The work that Baker does is very easy to observe by simply walking through the warehouse and realizing how many people would not have jobs without Baker....I am unsure about my career considerations, but this internship has definitely made me interested in the nonprofit sector."

And one prior intern summed it up well: "The best way for PICS to improve is to keep expanding and offering more such fantastic opportunities to students," Lawrence Chang '14 shared. Lawrence is now a medical student at Penn.

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