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1 - START: Click "New user, registration is FREE" tab (HOME PAGE/top of page link)
2 - CREATE: Website Account created by first ...
a) logging in your email address;
b) picking a suitable password
Remember: This account does NOT mean Club membership.
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4 - OPTION: Sign up for Membership - clicking "Membership"
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Membership is limited to alumni and their parents.
NOTE: If you've been a member, please update your profile for the
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P.S. If you try repeatedly and fail to login, email RahmanBeckwith03@yahoo.com.

Once you've logged in and have a password, we hope you'll explore the
website, and the Club's many offerings -- events, activities, special
gatherings for University visitors. Dean Nancy Weiss Malkiel visited recently and we are hosting Ron McCoy, the University Architect, in September).  This is one of the oldest alumni clubs in the world,
and we're happy to welcome you into our fold.

Many alumni Members stand ready to help you
get the most out of Philadelphia, the region, and our links to Tigers
everywhere.  Give us a try with one event, and you'll be back!
Many thanks in advance for your ideas, and for your help,
Your PCOP webmaster the Board of the Princeton Club of Philadelphia