Alumni Schools Committee (ASC)

Philadelphia's Alumni Schools Committee is among the most active in the world! Last year, we interviewed over 600 applicants from the five-county Philadelphia region. Alumni interviews are "blind," meaning alumni interviewers do not have access to any part of an application (including test scores, letters of recommendation, transcripts and essays). Our goal as alumni interviewers is twofold: not only do we hope to learn more about our applicants, but we also want to give each applicant insight into all that Princeton has to offer.


The Alumni Schools Committee is sent the names of all applicants from the Philadelphia region during the admissions cycle.  Our alumni interviewers then contact applicants individually to schedule a one-on-one meeting.


If you have any further questions about the Alumni Schools Committee or Princeton's alumni interviews, please contact the University, or contact Arati Johnston'84 , with Philadelphia-specific questions.


Should you wish to interview,we look forward to hearing from you!


Representatives for the Princeton Alumni Schools Committee


Arati Johnston '84 P15 P20

Central Montgomery County 


Todd Strine '90 & Nancy Fox '75 P10 P11

Delaware County


Frances Han '95

Eastern Montgomery County


Keith S. Daniels '92 S93

Bucks County


Michael Rudolph '96 & Victoria Rossini '90 P21

Philadelphia County


Kristen Weighaus Quinn '03

Chester County